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Western & Buyer Salt Spreaders for a Heavy-Duty Winter

western salt equipment at clark truck equipment

It’s that time of year to start thinking about Salt Equipment!

Winter in Indiana can be unforgiving, covering roads and surfaces with a thick layer of snow and ice. As an Indiana business, we know you always need to be prepared to tackle the challenges of winter. At Clark Truck Equipment, we are happy to bring you a diverse range of Western & Buyers salt spreaders that can be added to any vehicle. From compact units to heavy-duty spreaders, we have the perfect solutions to keep your trucks ready for winter action.


Choosing the Right Spreader for Your Vehicle

Selecting the right salt spreader is crucial for snow and ice management! Whether you need a compact solution for your pickup or a high-capacity spreader for your dump truck, WESTERN & Buyers has the right equipment and Clark Truck Equipment has the upfitting skills you need to be covered this winter. Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the ideal spreader for your specific vehicle:

Truck Salt Spreaders from Western


Clark Truck Equipment is here to help you conquer winter with confidence by upfitting your vehicle with a WESTERN & Buyers salt spreaders! Don’t let snow and ice slow you down – talk to the experts at Clark Truck Equipment today about your next upfitting project!