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Western Snowplows Help Prepare You for an Indiana Winter

western snowplow clark truck indiana
  • How do I know which Western Truck Snowplow is right for me?

  • Can Clark Truck Equipment help me pick the right Western Snowplow for my truck?

  • When is the best time to get my truck upfitted with a Western Snowplow from Clark Truck Equipment?

When winter blankets the streets with a thick layer of snow, it’s time to call in the cavalry to clear the way! Western Products, the trusted name in ice and snow, delivers high-quality snowplows for your truck to tackle the most challenging Indiana winters!

If you’re in the market for a snowplow to upfit your truck, Clark Truck Equipment can help! In this blog, the experts at Clark Truck Equipment will help you explore the Western Snowplow lineup and help you choose the right one for your needs!

Defender™ – Compact and Agile
Are you driving a Jeep or a mid-size pickup? The Defender™ is the perfect snowplow for your vehicle. Available in 6’8″ and 7’2″ sizes, this snowplow may be compact, but it packs a punch. It’s designed for maneuverability, allowing you to clear tight spaces with ease.

HTS™ – Half-Ton Hero
If you’re operating a half-ton truck, the HTS™ snowplow is your trusted companion. Measuring 7’6″ in width, it provides excellent snow-clearing capabilities while being light enough for your truck to handle.

Midweight – Versatile Performer
For trucks in Class 2 and 3, the Midweight snowplow is a versatile performer. At 7’6″ wide, it’s suitable for various applications, ensuring efficient snow removal even in heavy conditions.

PRO-PLOW Series 2 – Professional Power
The PRO-PLOW Series 2 is a robust choice for trucks in Class 2 and 3. It comes in 7’6″, 8′, and 8’6″ sizes, providing professional-grade snow-clearing capabilities to keep your operations running smoothly.

Pro Plus – Heavy-Duty Excellence
When you need to tackle snow removal with the utmost precision, the Pro Plus series offers 8′, 8’6″, and 9′ wide options for trucks in Class 2-5. These heavy-duty snowplows are built for the most demanding conditions.

Pro Plus HD – The Heavy Hitter
For the heaviest tasks and trucks in Class 5-7, the Pro Plus HD steps up to the plate with its 10′ width. It’s a heavy hitter that can clear substantial amounts of snow, ensuring your fleet is always operational.

Enforcer™ – Compact Efficiency
The Enforcer™ is designed for half-ton trucks and measures 7’6″ in width. Its compact design doesn’t compromise on performance, allowing you to efficiently clear snow from your path.

MVP Plus – Versatile Solution
Offering 8’6″ and 9’6″ sizes for trucks in Class 2 and 3, the MVP Plus is a versatile snowplow built for versatility and adaptability.

MVP 3 – Powerhouse of Productivity
The MVP 3 series comes in 8’6″, 9’6″, and 10’6″ sizes, designed for trucks in Class 2-7. It’s a true powerhouse of productivity, ensuring you can tackle any snow removal challenge.

Prodigy – Winged Excellence
The Prodigy snowplow boasts a winged blade with a width ranging from 8’7″ to 9’8″. It’s ideal for trucks in Class 2-4, providing exceptional snow-clearing capabilities with a unique winged design.

Wide-Out™ and Wide-Out™ XL – The Expansive Solution
For those who need maximum clearing width, the Wide-Out™ and Wide-Out™ XL snowplows come in 8′-10′ and 8’6″-11′ sizes. These expandable plows offer unparalleled efficiency.

western snowplow at clark truck equipment co indiana

Discover the Western Way with Western Snowplows

When you come to Clark Truck Equipment to upfit your work or personal truck with a snowplow, our upfitting experts can help you decide which best suits your plowing needs. With the Western Snowplow lineup, you have a wide range of options to choose from, ensuring you can tackle winter’s worst snowstorms with confidence!

If you’re thinking about getting your truck upfitted with a snowplow this winter season, now is a great time to get it done! Scheduling your appointment with Clark Truck Equipment is easy. Simply give us a call to chat with our team today about the best options for upfitting your truk!

Contact Clark Truck Equipment Indiana today to find the perfect Western Snowplow to upfit your truck and conquer winter’s challenges with ease. Don’t let snow slow you down – upgrade your snow removal game with Western Snowplows!