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Knapheide Steel Utility Bodies are Designed for You

kuv steel utility van body knapheide

When it comes to optimizing your work truck’s functionality, Clark Truck Equipment in Crawfordsville, Indiana understands the importance of choosing the right upfitting solutions. This month, we want to introduce you to a game-changer in the world of work truck customization: Knapheide Utility Vehicle (KUV) Bodies!

Say goodbye to the days of endlessly searching for tools and parts in the back of your cargo van. With KUV Bodies, you can revolutionize your workflow and maximize your productivity!

The Knapheide KUV Advantage

Knapheide’s Steel Utility Bodies are designed with one goal in mind: to make the life of technicians and contractors easier. These bodies create an optimized organization system within your work truck, dividing the storage space into manageable compartments that are externally accessible from both sides of the body. Imagine pulling up to a job site, stepping out of the cab, and immediately having quick access to the tools and parts you need, without the hassle of crawling into the cargo area! Hint: that’s the convenience KUV Bodies offer.

A Place for Everything

For technicians who need to transport longer items like copper pipes, PVC, or conduit, KUV Bodies come equipped with dedicated conduit chutes. These chutes allow you to securely store these items without cluttering the floor of the cargo area. KUV Bodies make it easy to keep everything organized and accessible whether you’re on or off the job.

Durability and Efficiency are Knapheide’s Best Traits

We know that durability is essential when it comes to work vehicles, and at Clark Truck Equipment, we only recommend the best. Knapheide understands this too, which is why they construct their KUV Bodies using rugged galvanneal steel. This material is as tough as your toughest job, and is made to withstand harsh work conditions.

We love Knapheide KUV Bodies because they are packed specs that just make sense for your work truck. Here are a few of them:

  • Triple Contact Door Seals: Protect your tools and equipment from the elements.
  • Double Spring Over-Center Door Retainer: Keep doors securely open or closed.
  • Adjustable Divider Shelves: Organize your gear with 250 lb. capacity shelves.
  • Stainless Steel Hinge: Corrosion-resistant and backed by a six-year warranty
  • Automotive Latch: Easy to use and covered under Knapheide’s six-year warranty.
  • Interior Light Guards: Protect recessed lighting and wiring.
  • Internal Latch Cover: Ensures latch longevity.
  • Adjustable Security Ring Strikers: Provide strength and a weather-tight seal.
  • Exclusive “Return Flange” Floor: Adds strength and eliminates rust-prone seams.
  • 14-Gauge Galvanneal Steel Body Shell: With a six-year warranty.
  • Nitrogen Gas Struts: Smoothly open and close rear cargo doors.
  • E-Coat Immersion: Superior corrosion resistance.
  • Horizontal Compartment for a Work Surface: Make the most of your space.
  • Lockable Conduit Chutes: Securely transport long items.
  • Flat Panel Surface: Ideal for branding and contact information.
  • Power Locks-Master Locking System: Convenient security for your cargo.
  • Double Panel Rear Cargo Doors: Lock and seal into the body frame.
  • Cargo Area with Cab Access Door: Spacious and secure storage.
  • Interior Dome Lights: Improve visibility in low light conditions.
  • Grab Handle: Easy and safe access to the cargo area.
  • LED Lights: Enhance safety and visibility.
  • Refined ABS Partition: Sliding cab access door with slam latch.
  • Aerodynamic Wind Deflector: Available on most models.
  • Overhead Bow Ladder Rack: Versatile storage options.
  • Heavy-Duty Pull-Out Tray: Rated at 500 lb. capacity.
  • Zinc-Plated Tie Downs: Secure heavy equipment.
  • Codeable Padlock: Eliminate the need for multiple keys.
  • E-Track: Secure large items in your cargo area.
  • LED Compartment Lighting: Controlled and operated via vehicle upfitter switch.
  • Tommy Gate Liftgates: Available on select models.
  • Power Locks: Convenient and integrated with chassis keyless entry system.
  • Rear Vision Camera: Enhance safety and visibility.
  • Ladder Rack: Secure ladder storage with added security.
  • Vise Bracket: Compatible with most service and utility bodies.
  • Aluminum Mechanics Drawers: Multiple configurations available.
  • Bumpers: Choose from multiple materials and finishes.
  • Side Access Doors: Quick and effortless side access to your cargo.
  • Receiver Hitch: Available with various max ratings.
  • Spare Tire Retainer: Accommodates a wide range of tire sizes.
  • Rear Door Windows: Increased visibility into the cargo area.
  • Spitzlift Crane: Lightweight crane for heavy lifting.
  • Drop Down Ladder Rack: Secure ladder storage and easy access.
  • Upper Side Glass: Enhance natural light in the cargo area.
  • Upgrade Your Work Truck with Knapheide KUV Bodies

Experience the Knapheide Difference

At Clark Truck Equipment Indiana, we want you to feel confident that you’re choosing quality, durability, and efficiency. Upgrading your work truck with a Knapheide KUV Body is a difference you can see and feel! Streamline efficiency, maximize workflow, and save on labor hours with a Knapheide KUV upfitted body from Clark Truck Equipment!