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Adrian Steel Cargo Van Shelving

Upfit Your Cargo Van with Adrian Steel Shelving

Treat yourself to optimized storage and superior organization! At Clark Truck Equipment Indiana, we are happy to be an Adrian Steel supplier.

Adrian Steel is known for their high-quality van equipment solutions that offer a wide range of shelving options designed for commercial vehicles. By incorporating Adrian Steel shelving, you can maximize the available space within your cargo van, making it easier to store and access tools, equipment, and supplies.

We stand behind Adrian Steel because we are confident these shelves can withstand the demands of daily use, providing long-lasting reliability, which is just important to this Indiana business as it is to yours.

Upfitting your cargo van with Adrian Steel shelving is a practical investment that enhances productivity and streamlines your workflow, but how do you know which model to choose? Keep reading to learn more about your shelving options.

Choosing the Best Shelving for Your Cargo Van

Adrian Steel offers a wide variety of choices depending on your storage needs.

16-inch Deep Shelving
Available for Selected Mid & High Roof Vans
More storage capacity without sacrificing aisle space.
Increased shelf depth
Contoured end panel design
Safely contain wire and cable boxes, commercial storage cases, jobsite consumables, and more

Adjustable Series (AD)
Available for Full-Size & Compact Vans
A truly adjustable shelving unit
Can be adjusted with a screwdriver in a matter of minutes

Folding Shelving
Available for Selected Mid & High Roof Vans
Folding shelves accommodate whatever the day has in store
Maximum payload capability without sacrificing quality

Hybrid Adjustable Series
Available for Full-Size Vans
Two ADseries adjustable shelves in the center of the shelf unit
Standard bolt-in shelves on the top and bottom
Two center shelves feature a 2” lip and can easily be adjusted up or down in one-inch increments with merely a screwdriver

Heavy Duty Series (HD)
Available for Full-Size Vans
Adjustable shelves with bolts in the front and the rear of the shelving unit
Two 4” lip shelves that are ideal for keeping your cargo contained and off the floor
2” shelf lip on the top of the unit that is perfect for containing smaller, lighter items

Jumbo Deep Series (JD)
Available for Full-Size Vans
Deepest shelf unit available
Reinforced shelf bottoms for added strength
4” high shelf fronts to contain your items

Welded Series
Available for Full-Size & Compact Vans
Welded shelves, back panels, and end panels

Clark Truck is Indiana’s Premier Work Truck Outfitter

If you’re looking to upgrade your work truck or cargo van this year, look no further than Clark Truck! Clark Truck is a full line truck equipment supplier in West Central Indiana and has been serving local Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio businesses since 1948!

Whether you need a Jumbo Deep Series, Hybrid Adjustable Series, or 16-inch Deep Shelving, Clark Truck can upfit your van with the right Adrian steel shelving system.

Contact us today to upfit your truck with optimal storage capacity!