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Benefits of a Knapheide Landscape Body from Clark Truck, Indiana

knapheide landscape bodies

knapheide landscape bodies


It’s time to start planning for spring with a new Knapheide landscape body from Clark Truck! Upfitting your work truck with a Knapheide landscape body is the key to take your Indiana lawn care or landscaping business to new heights this year.

Do you long for a metering gate? Dream of a side access swing door for forklifting? Then you need a Knapheide landscape body from Clark Truck Indiana! There are a lot of reasons why someone would choose a Knapheide for their work truck. Here are a few of them:

Utility Expertise

Knapheide bodies are designed to provide increased utility and versatility to your truck. They have been providing customers with high quality, work-ready transportation solutions since 1848, so you know you are getting a quality body.

The integrated dump hoist on a landscape body provides effortless operation from beginning to end. An optional metering gate enables the landscaper to easily control filling wheelbarrows and a 50″ side access swing out door accommodates forklift loading in a flash.


Time-Tested Durability

Knapheide has been in the truck bed and transportation systems business for 175 years. Clark Truck knows Knapheide bodies are made from high-quality materials that are built to last, which is why we are happy to supply them to local Indiana business owners.

One of our favorite features of a Knapheide is the corrosion protection. Knapheide bodies come with additional corrosion protection on the underside of the body by using a water-based undercoat, and Knapheide’s 12-step electrodeposition prime paint system. Feel assured your body is built with superior corrosion resistance for the longest lasting use of your landscape body.

We stand behind Knapheide bodies because they are designed to withstand the wear and tear of heavy use. At Clark Truck, we want you to feel confident that your investment will pay off after an upfitting with a Knapheide.


Increased Storage

Knapheide bodies are designed to maximize storage space and organization. You deserve to keep your tools, equipment, and supplies organized and easily accessible. With Knapheide landscape bodies, an additional storage pack or underbody toolbox can be added. This storage addition ultimately allows you to get more use out of your Indiana work truck.

If you’re ready to upgrade your fleet this year, Clark Truck is here to help with all your upfitting and Knapheide body needs. Call us to get started on your project!