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Knapheide Crane Bodies

knapheide crane body

When it comes to heavy-lifting jobs, having the right equipment is crucial for success. At Clark Truck Equipment, we have the right equipment, and that’s why we are passionate about brands like Knapheide and the bodies they offer. Today, let’s discuss Knapheide Crane Bodies, and why they are our #1 choice for upfitting your work truck. Keep reading to find out why choosing a Knapheide is a great investment!

Choosing Knapheide

When it comes to reliable crane service bodies, Knapheide stands out from the crowd! With a 175 year legacy, Knapheide has built a reputation for manufacturing quality truck bodies and equipment. Here are a few reasons why we choose Knapheide everytime:

Unmatched Durability: Knapheide Crane Bodies are engineered to withstand heavy crane applications. Built with reinforced materials and designed to handle torsional forces, they are specifically constructed for lifting operations, ensuring they can handle your toughest jobs.

Superior Corrosion Resistance: With Knapheide’s 12-step E-Coat immersion process, Crane Bodies are fully immersed in a prime paint system that provides exceptional corrosion resistance. This feature enhances the body’s lifespan, even in demanding environments.

Versatile Options: Knapheide offers a comprehensive lineup of Crane Bodies suitable for a wide range of applications. From light-duty trucks to extreme heavy-duty requirements, their diverse range ensures you can find the perfect fit for your specific needs.

Why We Love Crane Bodies

At Clark Truck Equipment, we have a deep appreciation for Knapheide Crane Bodies! With exceptional security features, like stainless steel hinges, door retainers, and adjustable security ring strikers, these features provide peace of mind by safeguarding your valuable equipment and tools.

We also love Knapheide Crane Bodies for the enhanced organization provided, which is designed with practicality in mind, and the quick mount installation, which allows for safe and efficient body and bumper mounting.


Getting a Crane Body Upfitted with Clark Truck Equipment Indiana

When it comes to upfitting your Knapheide Crane Body, choosing the right partner is crucial! That’s why we highly recommend Clark Truck Equipment Indiana for all your upfitting needs.

We’re here to bring 75 years of expertise and an efficient experience during your truck project. We have a deep understanding of Knapheide products and highly recommend the seamless integration they offer into your upfitted work truck.

Clark Truck Equipment offers a unique experience of customizations that fit your crane body specifications. Let us know if you need additional storage solutions, lighting enhancements, or specialized equipment installation!

When it comes to crane service bodies, Knapheide is a brand that stands out for its quality, durability, and innovative features. Choosing a Knapheide Crane Body ensures that you have the right equipment to handle your heavy lifting jobs with ease. And when it comes to upfitting, Clark Truck Equipment Indiana is the ideal partner to bring your vision to life!

Experience the reliability and performance of Knapheide Crane Bodies, and let Clark Truck Equipment Indiana help!